Georgetown, Colorado in the Fall

There are few places in the world that provide a more spectacular view of dramatic fall color changes than the area surrounding Georgetown, Colorado. The surrounding hillsides are a majority of pine dotted with groves of aspen. In the fall, the aspen leaves turn from green to a very vibrant golden yellow. The darker forest that surrounds these groves makes for a contrast of color that is rather awe-inspiring to behold. 

Guanella Pass Fall Colors

The main attraction of this time of year is easily Georgetown’s beloved Guanella Pass. This pass traverses the mountains between Interstate 70 and Highway 285 from Georgetown to Grant, Colorado. The road is paved and widely recognized as one of the most enjoyable drives the state has to offer. While traversing the pass, you will climb to its summit that overlooks the mighty 14,000 foot peaks of Mt. Bierstadt and Mt. Evans. At the pass summit is an overlook area for you to stretch your legs and take in views of surprising majesty that can be found nowhere else. In the fall, these fews become even better with explosions of gold dotting the hillside along with an active wildlife population and typically very fair weather.

When Do Aspens Turn in Colorado?

In the high country of Colorado, aspens typically start to turn in Mid-September. The transformation starts at higher elevations and works its way all the way to the front range over the course of 2 months (September to November). Peak leaf peeping season in Georgetown is mid-late September, but excellent views typically last through October. 

Best Place to See Aspens in Colorado

Georgetown is arguably the best place in the state to view the fall aspens. This is especially true for residents of Denver. A quick drive up I70 gets you directly to the foot of Guanella Pass in Georgetown. Here you’ll find an array of shopping, restaurants, breweries and more to dot your day with more than just leaf peeping. Come join us this fall for nature’s firework show!