Grant, Colorado – A Memorable Vacation

Grant, Colorado is a scenic Platte town located east of the Kenosha Pass on Highway 285 at an elevation of 8,606 feet. The town is adjoined to the historic Georgetown via the Guanella Pass Byway. It hosts several restaurants, which are surrounded by rustic lodges and guest ranches frequented by both locals and tourists alike.

There are also plenty of great attractions such as granite outcrops, mountain vistas and canyons, which draw visitors to this small, yet very lovely town. Therefore, if you are planning a vacation to Grant, you can be sure to have an utterly memorable time.

Attractions and Things to do in Grant Colorado

While the town of Grant is less known compared to its counterpart, Georgetown, it certainly does have a fair share of attractions which make it a must-visit for any tourist traveling to this part of the world. Whether you’re an enthusiast of outdoor activities looking for great spots to camp or have a liking for a more laid back vacation, you will certainly find something interesting to see or do if you visit this very old-fashioned town.

Here are the popular places to visit and things to do in Grant.

South Park National Heritage Area

Established in 2009 by the Omnibus Public Land Management Act, the South Park National Heritage Area covers 900-square-miles, at an elevation of 10,000 feet, and is surrounded by imposing mountain peaks.

One of the highlights of South Park National Heritage Area is the South Park City Museum, which is located on Front Street’s west end in Fairplay. The museum comprises of 34 authentic historic buildings that house over 60,000 artifacts, dating back from South Park’s gold and silver boom days.

Pike National Forest

Located in the Front Range of Colorado is the Pike National Forest, which covers an area of 4,478 square kilometers. This expansive woodland is supplied by two rivers (South Platte and Fountain Creek) which draw into it. Moreover, the Rampart Reservoir, which is a large artificial body of water, is also found within the forest.

Pike National Forest’s bedrock is primarily comprised of pink-orange colored granite. There are also three designated wilderness areas within the forest, which are part of the National Wilderness Preservation System. These are, Buffalo Peaks Wilderness, spanning 67.83 square miles, Mount Evans Wilderness, covering 116.3 square miles, and Lost Creek Wilderness, 187 square miles. The former two extend into neighboring forests, namely San Isabel National Forest and Arapaho National Forest.

There are plenty of hiking trails within Pike National Forest, with plenty of canopy coverage. If you are planning on taking a backpacking trip to Grant, therefore, this is definitely one of the best locations to hike in.

Kenosha Pass

Kenosha Pass is a high mountain pass located in the Rocky Mountains of central Colorado. It sits at an elevation 10,000 ft on top of a large granite batholith. This elevated pass is traversed by Highway 285 between Jefferson and Grant, and offers a route between the valley of the North Fork South Platte River and the headwaters of the South Platte River in South Park National Heritage Area. Apart from providing one of the principal access routes to South Park, Kenosha Pass also offers spectacular views of the surrounding Rocky Mountains, including the peaks of Mount Evans and Mount Bierstadt.

Kenosha Pass is also one of the best places to capture stunning views of the aspens found in Denver. It provides both East and West hike trail, which offer stunning views of the South Park plains below. There are plenty of hiking trails found in Kenosha Pass, which range from moderately challenging to strenuous. One of the more unusual wildlife that can be found on this trail include moose, which are usually spotted on the Eastern side along the lake near the trailhead.

Apart from hiking, other activities you can engage in while in Kenosha Pass include, horseback riding, mountain biking, snowshoeing, and photography. There are also plenty of great camping grounds, which are properly equipped to cater for both RV and tent campers. The campgrounds are large enough to offer privacy for campers during peak season when the number of tourists swells dramatically. Therefore, if you are planning for a huge corporate camping event or a small family tour, you will certainly have enough space to accommodate everyone in your entourage.

South Park City Museum

The South Park City Museum is a large outdoor museum found in the nearby county of South Park. This museum is dedicated to the preservation of Colorado’s mining history, which dates back to the 19th century. The museum comprises a complex of thirty-four authentic structures that house over sixty thousand artifacts, portraying many of the social and economic features of the town’s early boom. While seven of the structures are located where they were originally established, all the others have been translocated from abandoned ghost towns and camps in and around South Park City.

The buildings in South Park City Museum house plenty of exhibits from the early boom era which illustrate the professions, industries, and trades that facilitated the economic life of this iconic mining town in America’s wild west. If you are a history buff, you will no doubt enjoy the old-timey atmosphere and mood that this town is drenched in.

Visit Grant Town Colorado for a Truly Western-Style Vacation

While Colorado is generally known for its idyllic landscapes and historic sites, none of its towns properly capture the Western proclivities as accurately as Grant. This tiny yet impressive town sits in the heart of a very magnificent landscape, which is punctuated by impressive natural wonders such as the Rockies, the aspens and natural forests that will fill any traveler’s heart with awe and wanderlust.

With plenty of campgrounds and hiking trails, Grant Town Colorado offers the best experience for any seasoned adventurer with a knack for the great outdoors. If you have been wondering where to go for your next getaway, Grant is certainly a contender worth considering. Visit this scenic town today to enjoy all the wonders it has to offer.