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Guanella Pass Annual Oktoberfest will be kicking off all weekend September 23rd. Both days will include a menu with bratwurst and pretzels on it, along with our regular menu. GPB is excited to be hosting a Stein Hoisting Competition and Costume Contest.
Event Details:
2nd Annual Stein Hoisting Competition
Each participant must hold two steins of beer filled to our designated serving line. No arching of the back, bending of the elbows, or any other weird body contortions you can think of allowed. Beer hoister must hold both steins of beer parallel to the ground to the best of their ability. The last German standing, WINS!
Stein Hoisting begins at 4pm!
$15.00 buy in includes two 20oz steins of beer and participation in the competition.
1st Place: $100 Gift Card
2nd Place: 64oz Growler
3rd Place: 32oz CrowlerLederhosen Competition!
Come dressed in your best Oktoberfest garb! We know you can drink like a German, but can you dress like one, too?? We’ll be the judge of that! Put on your fanciest feathered hat, your most darling drindle, or your most stein worthy socks, and see if you are the best dressed German at the Oktoberfest!
Costume Contest at 5pm!
1st Place: $50 Gift Card
2nd Place: 64oz Growler
3rd Place: 32oz Crowler

Of course, all of this wouldn’t truly be Oktoberfest without BIER! We’ll be releasing two specialty German beers for our Oktoberfest, stay tuned for more details as the event gets closer.


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