Guanella Pass Brewery

Craft Beer in Georgetown

Founded on the ethos “where you drink your beer is as important as what beer you drink,” Guanella Pass Brewery was founded in Georgetown, Colorado in May of 2017.  With a heavy emphasis on quality craft beer and the consumer experience, Guanella Pass Brewery began its journey to be sure it was a welcoming place for all walks of life.  A family friendly, dog friendly brewery in the mountains close to Denver that visitors can find a place to enjoy high caliber craft beer with their furry companion by their side.  Encompassing just that, the brewery’s mountain views and historic mountain town charm surrounding its patrons simply cannot be beat.

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A Start-up Company’s Vision

What started in 2017 with a small team and 5 staple beers on tap, Guanella Pass Brewery now regularly offers a full spectrum of beer styles available on 14 taps. Craft beer in Georgetown has successfully established its place on the map, and now the brewery is looking to take its offerings a step further by adding more space that will double the number of available taproom seats as well as outdoor seating, building its own kitchen, and offering wine and craft cocktails.

Fresh Beer High Up In The Rocky Mountains

The mountains are beautiful, home to the rugged yet welcoming to all. A destination for hiking, climbing, mountain biking, off-roading, jeeping, fishing, and camping, Guanella Pass Brewery owes its namesake and atmosphere to the mountains located just above it. Guanella Pass Scenic Byway, 22 miles of paved road starting in Georgetown and ending in Grant, Colorado, is the route for the outdoor enthusiasts ultimate escape. Guanella Pass Road is the entrance to the best of the Rocky Mountains, and a point of disembarkment for those who enjoy and seek out the wilderness. Guanella Pass Brewery is there to satisfy their thirst for fresh beer before, during or after their adventures by putting a craft beer in their hands.