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Georgetown Looper: Santa’s Lighted Forest

VISIT SANTA AS YOU RIDE THE RAILS THROUGH A STUNNING LIGHTED FOREST Night time departures feature Santa’s Lighted Forest through December 24th. The station and forest alongside the tracks are decorated with more than 300,000 holiday lights. Santa will be joining us on every departure before Christmas! This train ride lasts approximately 60 minutes, round-trip.

Georgetown Christmas Tree Program

The town of Georgetown is happy to announce the extension of our annual Christmas tree program. In an effort to prevent the spread of wildfires there's a need to remove specific trees from designated areas. To aid in the effort the Town partners with Clear Creek Fire Authority to offer the opportunity to cut down your very own Christmas Tree! Follow the link to fill out the form need to verify your […]

63rd Annual Christmas Market

Strousse Park Strousse Park Rose St, Georgetown

Visit historic Georgetown for our traditional outdoor European Christmas Market featuring craftsmen from near and far; Capture a glimpse at the past as Victorian ladies and gents stroll through the streets and shops of Georgetown; Buy some freshly roasted Chestnuts at Strousse Park; watch and hear the Santa Lucia Children’s Procession; stop in the Community Center for entertainment throughout the day; stop and chat with St. Nicholas as he strolls through the street; […]